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Canada spans six time zones from "Sea to Sea to Sea" and is the world's second largest country with an area of 9, 970, 610 square kilometers (3, 849,656 square miles); surpassed only by Russia.

Canada is globally recognized for its exceptional quality of life, stable, progressive political environment and one of the healthiest economies in the world. In fact, the United Nations has ranked Canada the top country in the world in which to live for eight consecutive years.


Population: 34,880,000
Canada's three largest metropolitan areas - Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver -
together account for over 35% of the population
23% of population resides in Quebec
22% of population speak French
18.2% speak French only
3.75 persons per square kilometer; USA = 33.2 persons
81% live in an urban area, 19% rural
97% literacy rate
Border complicates deployment of services, asserts two-tier process
Legal requirement for bilingual materials in Quebec and Government
Capital city: Ottawa, Ontario (pop: 1,273,300)
Languages: English, French and 53 native languages
Money: Canadian Dollar - approximately $0.98 USD

Technology Sector

The Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector contributed $62.73
billion* to Canada's GDP ($1394) in 2011
This represents 4.5% of the total economy
84.5% of Canadian households owned a personal computer in 2011
27,904,000 people are Internet users in Canada
Canada is a world leader when it comes to per household Internet access
87% in Canada (as of 2011)
80% in the USA (as of 2011)
72% in Europe (2012)


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