Upcoming Client Webinar: Hands-On with Nmap & CyberScope

A Guide to Network Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment

On May 16th, Keating Technologies client NetAlly will be hosting a webinar about Nmap, one of the most popular and powerful network scanning tools in the cybersecurity industry.

Learn more about network security and the tools used to protect against cyber threats, including how the new CyberScope harnesses Nmap technology in a simplified user interface for complete site assessments — including endpoint discovery, segmentation testing, and vulnerability scanning.

Whether you are a cybersecurity professional, network engineer/technician, IT administrator, or just interested in learning more about network security, this webinar is for you.

Join them on May 16th at noon (ET) to gain a deeper understanding of Nmap and how it can be used to enhance your cybersecurity defenses.

Update: A recording of this webinar is now available here.